How to create project with different billing rate?

In PushWork you can choose if you want a specific time entry to be billable or not when you start it. You can set the currency in details page and hourly rate in team page of workspace. Billable rates is a starter feature. You can add billable rates, which can be assigned to your workspace, team members, projects. Hourly rates are bound to time entry duration and therefore allow you to see how much you earned with each particular job. That way you PushWork will do it for you!

The overall workspace billable rate and currency can be set on your Workspace Settings page and only edited by the workspace administrator. Project-specific billable rates can be specified within each project separately, accessible via Projects Edit page. You can add there a general project hourly rate and a team member specific hourly rate. The usefulness of hourly billable rates is apparent when you run reports.