Track your time right from Skype.

The goal is that, rather than just searching for information on your website, a user can interact with a pushworkbot to find what they need.You can manage employee timeseheet straight from your skype applciation.

The timesheet bot for pushwork allows you to

  • Create task
  • Track time
  • Stop timer
  • Check your projects progress
  • See what your team is currently working on

How to add Pushwork bot to contacts

to add the timesheet bot in skype contacts. please follow these steps

1. Login to your skype account

2. Go to chats. Click on search and select PushWork

3. Once the bot is installed, you can send specific messages to it(Commands).

Congrats! You've successfully added the PushWork bot to your Teams workspace and connected it to your TrackingTime account. Now, you can view all your current projects, team members and tasks and start tracking your time without ever leaving Teams! Check out all available commands to learn everything the bot can do for you.

Available Commands

Here's an overview of all the commands that the PushWork Bot currently supports.

  • List Project Displays your active projects
  • Select [project number on list]/Choose [rank] Select the project
  • Start [task_name] Start tracking a task.
  • Stop Task/Stop timer/Stop Current TaskStop the current timer