Everything you do in PushWork gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, team, features. Hence your Starter subscriptions, Settings and Reports are all workspace-specific. There is a general Workspaces where you can see all of the workspaces you belong to, and an administrator workspace where admins can change Workspace settings such as billable rates, currencies and much more.

On this page, you can:

  • Set/change your workspace
  • Change workspace name -click on the text field and type the name you want.

  • Insert workspace’s Billable Rate and Currency. This default rate and currency will be used when you set a time entry as billable.

  • Invite, Make as admin, Remove Team Memebers -By default, the person who creates the workspace is the Owner of the workspace.

  • Add, Edit, Remove Projects.

  • Add, Delete Hashtag.

  • You can choose the relevant workspace from left side.