PushWork app that helps to manage projects, track working times and creates performance reports.

The core of the app is a simple yet powerful task manager that allows you to stay organised while effortlessly keeping track of your working hours in real time. Because the app also focuses on collaboration, you’ll be able to organise your projects and tasks on your dashboard while seeing the work being done by others on your team – with real-time updates. Additionally, you’ll never have to write out a timesheet again. To open it, click the Reports tab.

To choose the date range of your report, click the “This Week” text, from Custom Range option you can select a specific time frame by clicking the first and last date you wish for the report, or you can choose quick selectors (Yesterday, This Week, This Month, This Year etc) from dropdown list.

Reports can be filtered by:

  • Workspace

  • Projects

  • Team Members

  • Tags

Use the ‘Groupe by’ function in Summary Reports to get the details that your users are spending in comparison to each other on specific projects or in your workspace in total. Or use the filter to filter out specific users’ data. Each project has a distinct color which is corresponds with a dot in the data list.