Time Tracker with Intelligence

Manage timesheet using your
favorite chat application

Works with your existing tools

No need to implement another software for managing timesheet. You work with the tools which you are using right now, and we have deep integrations.

Highly customizable reports for your invoicing needs.

Enterprise-level reporting with powerful filters in a simple interface. Swiftly discover how much time is spent on different aspects of your projects. Group time entries based on weekly, daily, or project wise or any of your workers or tags.

Costs lower than a cup of coffee. It's free for small teams of upto 5 members.


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Automatic tracking

Automatic timer records time entries which users can edit or remove later. As simple as an on/off switch which tracks every seconds of job. Visualize your timeline with real-time dashboard.

Check whats Billable

Your team members can define what is billable and non-billable. Set billable rates of each and every resource or even set project wise separate rate. Track your expenses and profit.

Manual Logging

User have the power to edit time manually, But still we keep logs of actual effort time.

Team Management

Collaborate in projects by adding team members to your workspace. Define hourly rate for each and every users. Work with any number of team size without compromising speed and performance.

Define Projects

Add unlimited number of projects with color identifiers. Create open project or closed projects with ability to select team members.

Power of inline tags

Add hash tags along with the job description, just like twitter. Our powerful reporting tool help to group time based on tags.